Uterine torsion: A case report

  • Sonil Prabhakar, Pratiksha Gupta


In uterine torsion, the uterus twists more than 45 degrees around its long axis at the junction between the
cervix and the corpus. Probably due to rarity only few cases are reported where detorsion was either not
possible or posterior uterine wall opening, more tactfully incisions inflicted transversely, have been the only
way out.
Reported herewith is a 26 yr, third gravida at 38 weeks pregnancy, with previous caesarean in early labour
and underwent cesarean for rupture of the membrane, was realized to have an incision inflicted in the
posterior wall of the uterus, 3 cm above the disposition of uterosacral ligament amidst severe torsion of the
uterus that was successfully detorted avoiding hysterectomy, in view of the young age.

Key words: uterine torsion; term pregnancy complication; uterine rotation.
Case Reports