Maternal mortality and caesarean delivery: A five year review

  • Anju Huria, Reeta Mehra, Pratiksha Gupta, Bharti Goel


Aim: To find out maternal mortality related to caesarean delivery
Methods: A review of maternal mortality in Government Medical College Hospital Chandigarh, India was
conducted for the last five years. [2003 to 2007].
Results: Maternal mortality ratio was found to be 496.4 per 100,000 live births and of which 23.59% was
causally or incidentally related to caesarean delivery. The caesarean delivery rates for the hospital was
29.08% in 2003 and a rising trend to 36.60% in 2007 was also noted.
Conclusion: Caesarean remains a good option when rationally indicated; however the maternal and fetal
conditions that indicate the operative delivery may be inherently related to mortality and morbidity.

Key words: Maternal mortality; maternal mortality ratio; caesarean delivery
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