Outcome of fallopian tube recanalization

  • Jageshwor Gautam


Objective: To find out the fertility outcome of tubal surgery.

Method: This was a hospital based descriptive study conducted at Om Hospital, Bharatpur. Forty-one women who were operated in this hospital during the period of 6 years. (Jan 2002- December 2007).

Results: Of 41 patients who underwent tuboplasty, 34 (82.9%) cases were available for follow-up. Out of these 34 cases, 14 (41.2%) became pregnant. Among them 9 (64.3%) had viable births, 3 (21.4%) ectopic pregnancies and 2 (14.3%) spontaneous miscarriages.

Conclusion: Fallopian tube recanalization has been established as an effective, useful and novel treatment of infertility due to tubal occlusion.

Key words: Infertility, fallopian tube, tuboplasty, pregnancy.  

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