Non-puerperal Acute Uterine Inversion

  • M Sarkar, D Roy, J Mondal, M Halder, RM Ghosh, BK Ghosh


Non-puerperal acute inversion of uterus is a rare complication that occurs as a complication of intra uterine tumors, especially big sub mucous leiomyoma. It is so rare that many gynecologists may not encounter such a case in their life time professional carrier. This condition causes severe pain, vaginal bleeding and shock. Management consists of manual reposition through cervical ring or surgical corrective measures. We report a case of acute uterine inversion in a 42 years lady due to big sub mucous fibroid. This case was initially managed by vaginal myomectomy then uterus was repositioned by Haultain’s technique, which was abdominal hysterectomy.
Case Reports