Abnormal Semen Parameters among Men in Infertile Couples

  • Padam Raj Pant


Aims: This study was done to analyze the semen parameters and possible contributing factors among the semen abnormality cases attending the Infertility clinic of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH).

Methods: Prospective study was conducted in infertility center of TUTH, from March2007 to July 2011. Detail history of the couple who attended the clinic was taken. Semen analysis after three days abstinence of 630 male partners of infertile couples was analyzed.

Results: In this study, 20 percent of the partners had semen abnormality. Thirty-nine percent had azospermia 47 percent had oligospermia and 14 percent men had asthenormia. Majority of men with semen abnormality were Brahmin followed by Chhetri and Newar. Smoking, alcohol use and vericocele were possible causative factors for the semen abnormality. However, chromosomal abnormality could not be ruled out.

Conclusions: The most common semen abnormality among the male infertility cases was oligospermia and smoking, alcohol intake and vericocele may be contributory factors.

Keywordsasthenospermia; azospermia; male factor of infertility; oligospermia
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